Clipper Creek Charger Tesla Is Clippercreek ev charging station worth

Clipper Creek Charger Tesla: Is Clippercreek ev charging station worth?

Investing in an electric vehicle (EV) like a Tesla is both exciting and environmentally responsible. However, to keep your EV running, you need a convenient and reliable way to charge it. That’s where Clipper Creek Charger Tesla come in. As a leading manufacturer of EV charging stations for years, Clipper Creek offers premium level 2 EVSE (EV Supply Equipment) charging options tailored specifically for Tesla vehicles.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about choosing, installing, and using a Clipper Creek home EV charger for your Tesla Model S, 3, X or Y. Let’s dive in!

Why Choose Clipper Creek for Your Tesla Home Charger?

When selecting an electric vehicle charger (EVSE) for your Tesla, you want one that’s dependable, efficient, and smartly designed. Here are the top reasons savvy EV drivers choose Clipper Creek as their preferred Tesla charging station brand:

  • Superior Build Quality – Clipper Creek chargers are UL-certified and built to last with durable, weatherproof construction. The outdoor-rated HCS models feature a NEMA 3R enclosure while the HCS-D models have an industrial-grade metal case.
  • Maximizes Charge Speed – Compatible with both 40 amp and 50 amp circuits, Clipper Creek delivers the fastest level 2 charging speed to quickly repower your Tesla’s battery.
  • Outstanding Safety Features – Clipper Creek EVSEs have integrated ground monitoring, self-testing, auto-reclosing ground fault protection, and more to ensure safe charging.
  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Design – With simple controls, 25 ft charging cables, and plugs that lock into your Tesla when charging, Clipper Creek chargers are truly convenient to use daily.
  • Future-Proof Connectors – Each unit comes with both a Tesla-specific connector for models S, 3, X, and Y plus a J1772 universal connector for use across other EV brands when needed.
  • Trusted Tesla Community Favorite – With rave reviews from actual Tesla owners, Clipper Creek consistently ranks as one of the top home charging options recommended for Teslas online.

When you choose Clipper Creek for your home Tesla charger, you get an extremely well-engineered product packed with premium features to deliver the ultimate charging experience.

Choosing the Right Clipper Creek Charger Model for Your Tesla

Choosing the Right Clipper Creek Charger Model for Your Tesla
Clipper Creek Charger Tesla: Is Clippercreek ev charging station worth? 5

Clipper Creek manufactures several different level 2 EV charger models compatible with Tesla vehicles. Let’s compare the main options to determine what’s best for your individual needs:

HCS-40 Tesla Charger

  • 40 amp charging capacity
  • 25 ft charging cable length
  • NEMA 6-50 plug
  • Outdoor & indoor rated (NEMA 3R enclosure)
  • WiFi connectivity capable w/ separate ClipperCreek Bluetooth module (sold separately)
  • The most affordable Clipper Creek option for Teslas

Best for – Delivering a robust charge for Tesla models in-home or outdoor garage settings on a budget

HCS-50 Tesla Charger

  • 50 amp charging capacity
  • 25 ft charging cable length
  • NEMA 14-50 plug
  • Outdoor & indoor rated (NEMA 3R enclosure)
  • WiFi connectivity capable w/ separate ClipperCreek Bluetooth module (sold separately)
  • Faster charging than HCS-40

Best for – Fastest charging experience for home/garage installation compatible with a 50 amp circuit

HCS-D50 Tesla Charger

  • 50 amp charging capability
  • 25 ft charging cable length
  • Hardwired indoor installation
  • Sturdy metal enclosure
  • WiFi connectivity capable w/ separate ClipperCreek Bluetooth module (sold separately)
  • Highest-powered Clipper Creek option for indoor settings

Best for – Indoor garage, workshop, or basement installations where hardwiring is preferred

The power levels, plug types, and enclosure ratings vary across models to suit different installation requirements. With charging capacity ranging from 40 amps to 50 amps, you can choose the Clipper Creek EVSE that aligns with your home’s electrical system and panels.

How Much Faster Is a Clipper Creek Charger Than a Standard Outlet?

How Much Faster Is a Clipper Creek Charger Than a Standard Outlet
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Charging your Tesla with a Clipper Creek station compared to relying on a standard 110v wall outlet offers a significant boost in both charging speed and convenience.

Here’s a comparison of recharge rates you can expect based on the charging source:

  • Standard Outlet – Replenishes ~ 3 miles of driving range per hour plugged in. Extremely slow and limits driving flexibility.
  • Clipper Creek HCS-40 – Adds 25+ miles of charge per hour. Allows driving daily with overnight charging.
  • Clipper Creek HCS-50 – Charges at over 30 miles added per hour plugged in. Fully repowers battery overnight in most cases.

So in real-world use, upgrading from a standard outlet to charge your Tesla with a Clipper Creek station cuts the recharge time by 10x or more!

The 40 amp HCS-40 and 50 amp HCS-50 models offer the best blend of higher charging capacity combined with affordability. Plus, the full 25 ft cable gives flexibility on parking/positioning your Tesla while charging at home.

What Makes Clipper Creek’s Charging Technology So Reliable?

You might be wondering, how does Clipper Creek offer superior reliability compared to other lesser-known EV charger brands in the marketplace? It comes down to smart technological design:

Integrated Ground Monitoring – Clipper Creek EVSEs constantly monitor electrical ground connections during charging and will shut off power if an unsafe ground fault is detected.

Self-Testing Functionality – All Clipper Creek charging stations run automatic self-checks before each charging session to verify proper functioning.

Auto-Reclosing GFCI Circuits – If the station’s ground fault protection trips, power will automatically try to restore multiple times for convenience.

Surge & Overload Protection – The chargers prevent damage from electrical surges, overheating, or overcurrent situations for maximum longevity.

Weatherproof Construction -The rugged waterproof NEMA 3R metal enclosures allow outdoor installation in any condition while protecting the sensitive internal charging components.

Certifications – Clipper Creek chargers carry UL certification along with ETL listed marks signifying they meet the latest electrical safety standards for charging electric vehicles.

These important safeguards make Clipper Creek chargers some of the most dependable EVSE options for Tesla owners seeking heavy-duty, long-lasting performance from their home charging stations.

Installation & Purchase Cost Considerations

The typical purchase price for a Clipper Creek Tesla-compatible charging station ranges from $500-$700 depending on the specific model. Some homeowners choose professional installation but with minor electrical skills, DIY installation is certainly feasible.

Here’s an overview of what’s entailed:

  • Review electrical service panel amperage rating to determine 40 amp or 50 amp circuit capacity
  • Select mounting location for EVSE unit keeping Tesla charging cable length reach in mind
  • Turn off home electrical power at the breaker panel before wiring
  • For hardwired units, connect input wires to the appropriate circuit breaker
  • For plug-in models, install an NEMA receptacle outlet to plug the station into
  • Connect ground wiring according to electrical code
  • Re-energize the circuit at the breaker panel
  • Program any WiFi connectivity features and test charging with a Tesla vehicle

While the installation process itself is straight-forward, permits and inspections may be required before using your new EV charging station so check your local regulations first.

Many homeowners also take advantage of state/federal electric vehicle charging incentives and tax credits to offset purchase and installation costs. Your purchase invoice and paperwork would need to be retained as part of filing for any eligible EVSE rebates or credits.

Using & Controlling Your Clipper Creek Charger

Daily operation of Clipper Creek’s Tesla chargers is intended to be simple for users while ensuring optimal battery charging:

  • Park Tesla vehicle within reach of 25 ft charging cable
  • Open the charge port door on the Tesla
  • Insert the Clipper Creek connector firmly until the latch engaged
  • The charging session will immediately initiate once properly connected
  • Charging amperage & duration is automatically regulated
  • When charging is complete, turn the vehicle “off” to trigger connector unlocking
  • Unplug the charger connector and close the charge port door

The entire routine takes just seconds each time you’re ready to recharge your Tesla battery.

You can also install Clipper Creek’s optional WiFi Gateway adapter to control or monitor charging via a smartphone app. This allows setting schedules, viewing charging history/stats, and more. There are no required monthly service fees but an initial hardware purchase cost.

Key Safety Tips for Home Charging

Key Safety Tips for Home Charging
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Charging electric vehicles does introduce high-voltage electrical power into residential environments. While Clipper Creek’s comprehensive safety measures minimize risk, owners should keep several practical usage guidelines in mind:

  • Never expose cables or connectors to damage – Keep charger cables protected and avoid driving over them. Visually inspect equipment periodically for cracks or tears.
  • Ensure hands are dry when connecting/disconnecting – Avoid electrocution risk by keeping hands moisture-free before touching connectors.
  • Supervise children & pets around equipment – Don’t allow kids or pets to play near charging stations or cables due to tripping hazards.
  • Don’t use extension cords – Connect charging equipment directly to the outlet/EV to reduce fire or shock risks from inferior cords.
  • Install EVSEs properly – Follow all local electrical codes and permit requirements when installing charging stations and associated wiring.
  • Check vehicle charge port door seals – Make certain door seals around the charge port aren’t compromised allowing moisture into connections.
  • Disable charge schedule before maintenance – Turn off charge timers when performing maintenance tasks on electrical systems or risk shocks.
  • Use only approved charging equipment – Avoid non-certified aftermarket adapters or extensions that could overheat or malfunction while charging EVs.

Adhering to these basic guidelines along with the safety features engineered into Clipper Creek’s charging stations will result in an extremely low-risk, code-compliant integration of EV charging into any residential environment.

Top-Rated After-Sales Support

Investing in a long-lasting product like a Clipper Creek HCS series Tesla charging station also means you want great after-purchase support.

Clipper Creek maintains an excellent warranty and customer service reputation according to Tesla owners across various independent forums. Key highlights include:

  • 3-year parts & labor warranty included with all charging station models. Extended warranty available for purchase as well.
  • U.S.-based technical support experts for troubleshooting or installation questions via phone and email.
  • Prompt replacement parts dispatch for rare faults under warranty period.
  • Convenient mobile app access to open support tickets 24/7.
  • Software updates & patches are issued periodically to improve functionality.
  • Active user community engagement from Clipper Creek staff.

The positive experiences reported by actual EV drivers demonstrate Clipper Creek’s commitment to taking care of customers beyond just selling products. The long product lifespans paired with responsive post-purchase support teams give further confidence in investing for years and miles of reliable charging.

Why Trust Clipper Creek Charging Stations for Your Tesla?

In closing, for Tesla owners seeking the optimal home charging experience, Clipper Creek simply checks all the boxes:

  • Powerful charging capacity – Up to over 30 miles of range added per hour
  • Maximum charging speed – 50 amp models fully recharge batteries overnight
  • Premium safety features – UL-certified construction with ground monitoring, self-testing, and more
  • Future-proof flexibility – Included Tesla connectors + universal J1772 charging capability
  • Proven extreme durability – Weatherproof, rugged enclosures for indoor/outdoor use
  • Simple but smart charging routine – Just park, plug in, and automatically charge
  • Reassuring after-sales support – Multi-year warranty coverage and great customer service

With over 25 years and 100,000+ charging stations installed, Clipper Creek has unquestionably earned its reputation for exceptional reliability and technology that enhances any electric vehicle experience.

Invest for the long run and install a high-quality Clipper Creek charger to enjoy carefree home charging with your Tesla for years to come!

Clipper Creek Home Tesla Charger Buying Checklist:

  • Review electrical service panel capacity
  • Select 40 40-amp or 50-amp charging station model
  • Choose a hardwired or plug-connected option
  • Consider WiFi mobile app connectivity needs
  • Install per local permitting regulations
  • Initiate warranty and incentive paperwork
  • Schedule electrician service if desired
  • Order Clipper Creek HCS series Tesla charging station

Once your new Clipper Creek EVSE is set up, it’s time to relax and let the fast convenient charging begin! Your Tesla will always be replenished and ready for wherever the open road leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the main difference between the HCS-40 and HCS-50 models?

The central difference is that the HCS-50 offers a slightly faster maximum charging capacity of 50 amps compared to 40 amps in the HCS-40 station. So the 50 amp option will charge a depleted Tesla battery pack a bit quicker.

Do I need a professional electrician to install the Clipper Creek EVSE?

If you have prior electrical wiring experience and check local permitting guidance, DIY installation is achievable. But for homeowners less comfortable working with high-voltage electrical connections, hiring a certified electrician is recommended for safe, compliant installation.

How long will a Clipper Creek charger last?

These commercial-grade charging stations are designed and built to last over a decade of regular use. Many Clipper Creek EVSE units installed even 10+ years ago are still supported and functioning fine after hundreds of charging cycles thanks to the durable construction.

Can I control my Clipper Creek charger remotely?

Yes, by adding Clipper Creek’s optional WiFi Gateway adapter you enable remote monitoring and control capability via a smartphone app anywhere with internet connectivity. Features include charge scheduling, usage history, tech support, and more.

Is there a monthly fee for using the Clipper Creek mobile app?

No, Clipper Creek does not charge any ongoing monthly fees for access to the monitoring/control mobile application with a WiFi Gateway-equipped charger. There is only a one-time hardware purchase cost to enable mobile app connectivity.

Conclusion: Start Charging Your Tesla at Home Today!

Now equipped with all the product knowledge details for making an informed decision – why keep waiting to electrify your driving future? Every EV journey begins with reliable home charging.

Contact a Smart Charge America advisor today to answer any other questions and get a free quote for installing a Clipper Creek Tesla charger tailored to your electrical setup and budget. Our team of EV charging experts stands by ready to help improve your fuel-free driving experience!

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