Tesla Charging Stations at Disney World

Tesla Charging Stations at Disney World

Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida is a top vacation destination that receives tens of millions of visitors per year. As electric vehicles like Teslas continue growing in popularity, Disney World aims to accommodate EV owners by installing on-site Tesla charging stations.

This article provides Tesla owners visiting Disney World with a comprehensive guide to the Supercharger and Destination Charging locations found at the resort’s four main theme parks and Disney Springs shopping complex.

Why Charge at Disney World Rather than Off-Site Locations

Disney World covers over 40 square miles, making driving between the various parks, hotels, restaurants, and attractions a necessity. Tesla owners will appreciate the ability to conveniently charge their vehicle while enjoying the resort rather than having to leave Disney grounds to charge at third-party stations. Disney World’s on-site Tesla charging stations allow guests to charge their EVs while simultaneously spending time at the theme parks instead of sitting idle at an off-site charging facility.

Charging on-site also avoids the need to disconnect from chargers with differing connector types when moving between locations. All Tesla connectors at Disney World feature the Tesla proprietary connector for faster, more convenient charging. With charging costs being comparable or often cheaper than third-party stations, Disney World makes an ideal and hassle-free charging location.

Types of Tesla Charging Stations at Disney World

Types of Tesla Charging Stations at Disney World
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 Disney World has installed two types of Tesla-compatible charging stations on-site:

  • Tesla Supercharger stations – Disney World has one Supercharger location with 24 Superchargers available. Supercharger stations deliver significantly faster DC fast charging between 150 to 200 miles of range per hour.
  • Tesla Destination Chargers – Several Disney World locations have between 2 to 10 Destination Chargers available on-site. Destination Chargers deliver slower AC charging providing about 30 miles of range per hour.

The Supercharger station is ideal for EV owners with shorter stays at Disney World needing to maximize charging in the shortest time. Destination chargers work well for those staying multiple days on Disney property where charging overnight or between park days easily tops off range needs. Understanding these differences allows Tesla owners to best take advantage of charging options during their stay.

Disney World Supercharger Location

Disney World has one dedicated Supercharger station located within the Ticket & Transportation Center (TTC) parking lot.

  • Number of Superchargers: 24
  • Location Details: Ticket and Transportation Center Parking Lot near Magic Kingdom Park
  • Cost: Pay per use ($) through the Tesla app upon connecting. Current Florida Supercharger rates average $0.34 per kWh. 15 minutes of charging adds roughly 50 miles of range.

The TTC Supercharger station location provides easy access near Magic Kingdom park making it a prime location for conveniently charging and topping off battery range during park visits. These Superchargers can add over 150 miles of charge range per 30 minutes allowing substantial range recovery while visiting this high-traffic area.

Disney World Destination Chargers Locations

Disney World Destination Chargers Locations
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In addition to the TTC Superchargers, Disney World has deployed over 50 Destination Charging stations scattered across the resort. Locations with Tesla Destination Chargers include:

Epcot Theme Park

  • Number of Chargers: 4
  • Location: Odyssey Parking Lot

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

  • Number of Chargers: 6
  • Location: Parking Lot near Entry Tolls

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

  • Number of Chargers: 4
  • Location: Parking Lot near Entry Tolls

ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

  • Number of Chargers: 8
  • Location: East Lot near Entry Drive

Disney Springs Shopping Area

  • Number of Chargers: 30
  • Locations: Orange, Lime, Cherry and Grapefruit Parking Garages

The number of Destination Chargers at Disney Springs makes this the largest network outside of theme park lots. With 30 total chargers across four parking garages, overnight charging here for visitors staying at Disney World hotels provides abundant, affordable overnight charging options.

Typical Charging Times and Rates

Charging times and rates vary across Disney World’s Supercharger and Destination Charging stations. Guests can expect the following general charging parameters:

Tesla Supercharger Station

  • Charging Rate: 150+ miles of range per 30 minutes charged
  • Cost: $0.34 per kWh (rates subject to change)

Tesla Destination Chargers

  • Charging Rate: About 30 miles of range per hour charged
  • Cost: Complimentary (no charging fees)

Tesla owners staying on-site at a WDW hotel with a vehicle charging package can also take advantage of complimentary overnight charging at selected hotel locations. This provides another affordable way to charge each night for theme park adventures the next day.

Using Mobile Apps to Locate Stations

The Tesla mobile app and in-vehicle maps provide the most convenient way to locate nearby Disney World charging stations. Using mobile apps, drivers can pinpoint Supercharger and Destination charger sites relative to their location for easy navigation.

Third-party apps like PlugShare, ChargePoint, and ChargeHub can also help identify charging locations while allowing users to check real-time status and availability information. With the extensive charging infrastructure built across Disney World, the apps make locating an available charger convenient throughout the vast resort complex.

Reserving Chargers, Payment, and Charging Etiquette

Reserving Chargers, Payment, and Charging Etiquette
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The TTC Supercharger station rarely faces congestion given its 24 stalls. However, during peak seasons, all stalls can see use. If a Supercharger is available upon arrival, connecting is simply on a first-come, first-served basis. Tesla’s in-vehicle navigation systems will indicate current Supercharger availability in real-time.

Payment is made per kWh directly through the Tesla mobile app once connected to a Supercharger stall. If all stalls are full upon arrival, checking the app while queuing in the waiting area is recommended as some vehicles charge quickly allowing stalls to open sooner than expected.

For Destination Chargers, common electric vehicle etiquette principles apply:

  • Only park in EV stalls when actively charging or with a charging cable connected. Avoid parking internal combustion vehicles in designated electric stalls.
  • When done charging, disconnect charging cables and relocate vehicles promptly to allow others needing a charge to utilize the equipment.
  • Avoid “electric vehicle hogging” – be considerate of other PEV drivers also requiring a charge.
  • Report broken or unavailable equipment to Disney Cast Members promptly.

Future Expansion Plans

As electric vehicle adoption continues rising exponentially, Disney World has aggressive plans to expand on-site charging capabilities aiming to keep pace with accelerating EV demand. By mid-decade, the number of Destination Chargers resort-wide is targeted to triple from roughly 50 today to over 150 charging stalls across all Disney World properties.

The expansion plans will augment Supercharger and Destination Charger locations at theme parks while further build-outs provide EV charging coverage across the entire portfolio of Disney-owned hotels. The ongoing infrastructure investment welcomes present and future legions of electric vehicle-driving vacationers headed to Disney World.


Tesla drivers visiting Walt Disney World Resort can take advantage of a growing on-site EV charging network tailored specifically to Tesla vehicles. A 24-stall Supercharger station at the Ticket and Transportation Center allows for speeds over 150 miles of range added per 30 minutes charged while lower-speed Destination Chargers are positioned at theme parks and Disney Springs.

Understanding the two types of Tesla charging systems deployed across Disney, the charging rates for each, and utilizing smartphone apps to pinpoint specific charging site locations enables seamless fueling and maximal enjoyment of Walt Disney World without range anxiety concerns. With further charging expansion planned, Tesla owners have a future-proofed charging experience awaiting them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many Superchargers are at Disney World?

A: There is currently one Disney World Tesla Supercharger station located within the Ticket and Transportation Center (TTC) parking lot containing 24 Superchargers.

Q: What Disney World areas have Destination Chargers?

A: Destination Chargers can be found at Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme parks, the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, and within the parking garages at Disney Springs.

Q: Is charging free at Disney World?

 A: Superchargers are pay-per-use while all Destination Chargers provide complimentary charging. Some on-site resort hotels also offer free overnight charging.

Q: How can I find specific charging location maps?

A: The Tesla mobile app’s map function locates all Superchargers and Destination Chargers. Third-party apps like PlugShare also map real-time charging point availability.

Q: When will more Disney World charging stations be added?

A: Disney is actively expanding charging infrastructure with plans to triple on-site connectors by 2025 meeting increasing electric vehicle demand.


Tesla owners driving electric vehicles to Walt Disney World Resort can fully maximize park enjoyment knowing there is abundant, convenient access to Superchargers and Destination Charging stations located on-site. Disney World’s expanding electric vehicle infrastructure aims to provide vacationers with all their fueling and charging needs during a resort stay. By leveraging quick-charging Superchargers and slower Destination Charging options based on visit duration, Tesla drivers can conveniently fuel up driving to and around Disney without ever needing to leave magical Disney grounds.

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