Tesla House Price - Look Inside Elon Musk's Tesla Tiny House Cost, Features & More

Tesla House Price – Look Inside Elon Musk’s Tesla Tiny House Cost, Features & More

Elon Musk has joined the tiny house movement with his prefab 375-square-foot home in Boca Chica, Texas. Please take a look inside the CEO’s compact, energy-efficient guest house and see how he uses innovative design to maximize the small space. Tesla homes are the vision and dream of CEO Elon Musk. According to his concept, tesla homes will be eco-friendly, sustainable, and green living tiny homes that will be fully solar-powered and moveable on the road. 

In this article, we are going to explore the Tesla house price, when the delivery is expected and what features the Tesla tiny house will have in the future. We will also explore the Elon Musk bought and lived in the tiny house from the boxable company, named  Casita in Texas. 

What is Elon Musk’s Visioned Tesla Home? 

While Elon Musk hasn’t officially announced a “Tesla Home” product, his vision for the future of housing can be gleaned from various sources and his overall vision for Tesla’s mission. This vision emphasizes sustainability, energy efficiency, and technology integration.

Sustainability is at the core: Imagine a home powered by the sun, drawing clean energy from sleek Tesla solar panels adorning the roof. Excess energy would be stored in Tesla Powerwalls, ensuring self-sufficiency and minimal reliance on traditional power grids. The very materials that form the structure of the home would be chosen with an environmentally conscious lens, minimizing the footprint on the planet.

Efficiency reigns supreme: Prefabricated construction would allow modules to be built in factories, ensuring quality control and rapid assembly. This approach not only reduces construction time but also promotes resource optimization. The modular design wouldn’t be static, offering the flexibility to expand or adapt the home to evolving needs with ease.

Technology becomes an invisible companion: Imagine a home that learns your preferences, anticipating your needs before you even have to ask. This level of customization would be powered by AI, optimizing energy usage, temperature control, and security systems to create a haven of comfort and convenience. Seamless integration with the existing Tesla ecosystem would allow for effortless control and access to information through smartphones or voice commands, making life effortlessly manageable.

Tesla House Price

No, there is no official price tag from Tesla about their Tesla Houses. The topic of a “Tesla House” has captivated imaginations, sparking curiosity and speculation about its potential features and, of course, its price tag. However, the reality is that due to the lack of official announcement or confirmation from Tesla, the actual cost remains shrouded in mystery.

Online sources abound with various price estimates for a Tesla House, ranging from a tantalizing $15,000 to a more substantial $50,000 and beyond. While these figures can pique our interest, it’s crucial to remember they are primarily speculation based on rumors and unconfirmed information.

Predicting the price of a Tesla House is a tricky task due to the lack of official information and the concept’s early development stage. However, we can analyze existing factors to make educated guesses about its potential cost range.

Possible price ranges:

  • $50,000-$100,000: This range seems plausible considering the potential for a prefabricated, sustainable home with smart technology features.
  • $100,000-$200,000: This higher range might be applicable if the Tesla House incorporates luxury features and advanced technology like immersive experiences.

What is Elon Musk’s Tiny House from Boxabl?

Elon Musk’s tiny home is manufactured by Boxabl, a Las Vegas startup that specializes in prefabricated houses. The Casita model was delivered to Musk’s SpaceX Texas launch site, where he uses it as a guest house and private getaway.

Key features of Musk’s tiny house include:

  • 375 square feet
  • Foldable modules for easy transport
  • Solar panels and Tesla Powerwall for off-grid living
  • Modern kitchen with dishwasher & dual sinks
  • Murphy bed and convertible furniture
  • Built-in storage solutions

The company that built Elon’s tiny home offers tiny houses for sale to the public, with prices starting around $49,500. Boxabl’s waitlist has over 100,000 people interested in the innovative houses.

“Keep in mind this is not the official Tesla tiny home that Elon Musk wants to build. The boxabl is another company that builds tiny homes”.

Why Did Elon Musk Buy a Tiny House?

So why did the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX invest in a tiny home? There are a few likely reasons:

  • Sustainable Living – Tiny houses enable sustainable living with a smaller energy footprint. This aligns with Musk’s environmental focus.
  • Innovative Technology – The prefab modules showcase innovative construction technology, which Musk wanted to promote.
  • Guest House Purpose – The small home serves as a guest house and getting away place at Musk’s Texas rocket launch site.
  • Tiny House Movement – Musk has an appreciation for the minimalist tiny house movement. The affordable tiny could house rocket engineers onsite.

The eco-friendly dwelling allows Musk to pursue sustainable living and promote innovation, while still having a convenient place for visiting guests to stay. The home also enables rocket team members to work onsite at a remote location.

Inside Look: Features and Layout


The exterior of Elon Musk’s tiny house is a simple rectangular Boxabl unit, with one door and two windows. The home is set on a concrete foundation, and can easily be moved thanks to the folding modular design.

Solar panels line the roof to enable off-grid sustainability. The panels link up to a Tesla Powerwall battery stored inside to power the house at any time, rain or shine.

Despite the small size, the durable steel construction of Boxabl units allows them to withstand harsh weather conditions from the Texas elements.


The kitchen is equipped with modern stainless steel appliances to enable off-grid cooking. Key kitchen features include:

  • Dishwasher
  • Dual sinks
  • Barstool seating
  • Generous quartz countertops
  • Built-in shelving & storage solutions

While the is compact, the efficient layout ensures plenty of room for cooking and preparing meals. Small space storage solutions like pull-out pantries, built-in wall shelving, and drawer organizers all help keep kitchen items neat while maximizing every inch.

Living Room

The living room features a convertible sofa and dining table. The sofa doubles as a guest bed for overnight visitors. When folded out completely, the bed takes up most of the room.

The nearby dining table connects to the countertop when not in use. Two barstools tucked underneath can be pulled out for extra seating at meal times.

Other living room features include a wall-mounted TV and storage benches that have boxes neatly organized inside.


The tiny house bathroom squeezes in a stand-up modern shower, sink vanity, and composting toilet.

While the bathroom itself is tiny, the strategic layout and storage solutions make it completely functional. The shower is spacious enough, while the vanity includes pull-out drawers instead of cabinets underneath.

Storage & Space Saving Solutions

Nearly every inch of the tiny home serves double duty. The dining area converts into a sleeping space at night. The benches offer hidden storage compartments. The living room TV can articulate on a wall mount to make room when folded down.

Other innovative space-saving ideas include:

  • Murphy bed that folds vertically against the wall
  • Pull-out pantry drawers
  • Stackable washer/dryer unit
  • Wall-mounted table
  • Shelving cubbies around the bed

These types of designs allow the limited square footage to feel open and livable. The creative architecture enables all the normal functions of a full-size house.

Cost: How Much Does the Tesla Tiny House Cost?

The total cost is estimated around $50,000 for Elon Musk’s tiny guest home. This includes:

  • $49,500 for the base Casita unit
  • $500 – $1000 for delivery & setup
  • Tens of thousands invested additionally for the solar power system, composting toilet, fencing, and any other custom add-ons

So while the upfront Boxabl house cost is competitive, Musk likely invested substantially to add the sustainable off-grid features he wanted. Some estimates value his tiny house at over $100k.

For comparison, the average home price in Texas is about $325,000. So the tiny home achieves big savings in a very expensive housing market.

Why Choose a Prefab / Modular Home?

Elon Musk selected a modular prefabricated home for his tiny house in Texas. What are the benefits of these prefab homes?

  • Affordable – Prefab houses cost less than traditional construction.
  • Sustainable – Factory built with less waste.
  • Durable – Built from steel for longevity.
  • Customizable – Order custom features.
  • Moveable – Relocate or expand modular homes.
  • Fast Install – Assemble onsite within days.

Additionally, Boxabl is one of the early leaders in bringing innovative folding modular designs to market. The homes fold up into a box for transport, then get unfolded on location.

Prefab tiny houses enable flexibility, affordability, and sustainability – all features that likely appealed to Elon Musk.

Is Elon Musk’s Tiny House Available to Buy?

Unfortunately, Elon Musk’s exact Tesla tiny house is not for sale. There exist many companies that are offering tiny houses in the market, and Boxabl is one of them. However, Boxabl does sell other tiny house models to the public. Over 100,000 people are on the waitlist hoping to buy one of these innovative homes.

Their models include:

Boxabl Casita – 20 ft. model similar to Musk’s house. Starts at $49,500.

Boxabl Casa – Larger 22 ft. floorplan with more living space. Starts at $89,500.

All Boxabl units fold up for easy transport to sites. They use solar panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries to enable off-grid living.

While not identical, buying one of Boxabl’s tiny houses allows you to get a similar design and features to Elon himself!


Where is Elon Musk’s tiny house from Boxable located?

Musk’s tiny home was delivered to his SpaceX private launch facility in Boca Chica, Texas near the Mexico border. He uses it as a getaway and guest house for rocket engineers.

What company built/designed the tiny house?

The home is a Boxabl Casita model, built by the Las Vegas firm Boxabl. They manufacture a variety of tiny home floor plans using steel modular construction.

Does Elon Musk live in the tiny house full-time?

No, it serves more as a weekend getaway and guest house. When at SpaceX, Musk likely still stays in larger onsite accommodations.

Is Elon Musk’s tiny house mobile?

Yes! The units fold up and can be transported on trucks to new locations. However the house is currently installed semi-permanently in Texas.


In conclusion after the detailed article, we have come to know there is no official Tesla house price. Although Tesla homes don’t exist yet or are available in the market for sale. on the other hand, Elon Musk bought a tiny house from the Boxable company near the construction site of Spacex in Texas. 

Elon Musk’s 375-square-foot prefab Casita tiny home shows how innovation can enable sustainable living. The CEO’s efficient dwelling packs all the necessities into a minimalist floor plan optimized for functionality.

Clever space-saving furniture makes the compact home livable. Solar panels and Tesla Powerwall allow renewable off-grid energy. And the durability handles tough Texas weather conditions.

While Musk’s exact unit remains private, Boxabl offers similar-sized models to the public starting around $50k. Over 100k tiny house fans waitlist for their innovative, affordable designs.

Musk’s own tiny but tech-loaded house reflects his forward-thinking philosophy. The sustainable structure aims to be kinder to the planet and its occupants alike thanks to intelligent and efficient living.

The eco-conscious commitment makes Boxabl homes appeal to those looking to minimize environmental impact. Tiny living isn’t necessarily for everyone – but for those intrigued by micro spaces, Musk shows that incredible design can make small spaces incredible places.

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