Tesla Mobile Charger Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Tesla Mobile Connectors

Tesla Mobile Charger Gen 1 vs Gen 2: Tesla Mobile Connectors  

The Tesla mobile connector is an important part of any Tesla owner’s charging equipment. This handy device lets Tesla drivers charge their electric vehicles at home or on the go using a standard wall outlet. But with two generations now available – Gen 1 and Gen 2 – which one is better for Tesla charging?

This comprehensive guide about Tesla Mobile Charger Gen 1 vs Gen 2 examines the differences, pros and cons, compatibilities, and usage scenarios between the Tesla mobile connector Generation 1 (gen 1) versus Generation 2 (gen 2). After reading, you’ll know exactly which mobile charger is the right fit for your charging needs.

Introduction to the Tesla Mobile Connector

Also referred to as the Universal Mobile Connector (UMC), the Tesla mobile connector is the standard charger that comes with all new Tesla vehicles. This small, portable EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) allows Tesla owners to plug into most common power outlets to charge their Model S, Model X, or Model 3.

The mobile connector supports level 1 and level 2 EV charging. With the proper adapter, it can connect to a wide variety of local power outlets, from a basic 120V wall socket up to higher powered 240V, 32 amp outlets.

The Tesla mobile connector comes bundled with adapter plugs for 120V household outlets and 240V Dryer or RV outlets. Optional adapters are also available for various regional 240V outlets.

Tesla has offered two generations of their mobile connector:

  • Gen 1 – Originally introduced in 2012 with early models and model x Teslas
  • Gen 2 – Released in 2021 for new Model S/X and all Model 3/Ys

The Gen 1 and Gen 2 mobile connectors are similar in purpose but have some key differences. Let’s compare them in depth across various factors:

Power and Charging Comparison

Power and Charging Comparison
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The most important consideration is charging speed and power throughput. There are notable differences between the Gen 1 and Gen 2:

Rated Power

  • Gen 1 – Rated for up to 16A and 11kW
  • Gen 2 – Rated for up to 32A and 7kW (with optional 32A adapter)

So the Gen2 supports over double the amperage for faster level 2 charging speed.

However, the Gen 1 has a higher 11kW power rating. But the Gen 2 can match 11kW charging with the optional extra 32A 7kW blue commando adaptor.

Charging Speed

Given optimized conditions, here is how fast you can charge a Tesla with each mobile connector:

  • Gen 1 – 16A blue commando socket → 44 km added per hour
  • Gen 2 – 32A socket → 72 km added per hour

So you can charge over 60% faster with the Gen 2 connector on a high amperage outlet.

Power Output

The mobile connectors have different power output capabilities:

  • Gen 1 – Can provide either 120V or 240V at 12A to 16A
  • Gen 2 – Can provide 120V to 240V at 6A to 32A

So the Gen 2 has much more output flexibility.

Hardware Design

Both generations of the Tesla mobile connector feature a compact, portable form factor housed in a sturdy aluminum shell. But there are some physical differences:

Size and Weight

  • Gen 1 – Slightly larger and heavier
  • Gen 2 – More compact and lighter

This allows the Gen 2 to pack up smaller for easier portability and storage.

Cord Length

  • Gen 1 – 2.5m (8 foot) attached cord
  • Gen 2 – 3m (10 foot) detachable cord

The Gen 2 has a longer connection cord that is also removable for replacement if damaged.

Plugs and Connectors

Both include a J1772 standard charge port to connect to Tesla vehicles. For attaching to wall outlets, the Gen 2 has more simplified plugs:

  • Gen 1 – Integrated 14-50 plug, separate 13A 3-pin plug
  • Gen 2 – Combined 14-50 and 5-15 plug adapter

This unified plug design is more streamlined and secure.


  • Gen 1 – Lacks automatic shutdown if overheating
  • Gen 2 – Has over-temp safeguards to prevent the overheating risk

So the Gen 2 is safer with its sensor-based thermal protections.


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The mobile connectors are cross-compatible with Tesla models to some degree:

By Tesla Model

  • Gen 1 – Compatible with original 2012-2020 Model S/X only
  • Gen 2 – Compatible with the new 2021 Model S/X and all Model 3/Y

So the Gen 2 connector works with all current and future Tesla models.

By Power Standard

Both connectors support:

  • North American NEMA 120V and 240V standards
  • European Blue Commando 120V and 240V standards

So they work across NA and EU regions out of the box.

Optional Adapters

Extra adapter plugs are available for both mobile connectors to work with regional 240V outlets in Australia, Switzerland, Italy, and more.

So both can charge on most worldwide power standards with the proper adapter.

Usage Scenarios

With their varied specs and capabilities, the gen 1 and gen 2 mobile connectors are suited for different usage profiles:

Gen 1 Applications

The generation 1 Tesla mobile connector is best for:

  • Charging original 2012-2020 Model S and Model X
  • Access to only 120V household outlets
  • Garage wall connectors with 16A red commando sockets
  • Charging needs under 11kW

It can provide ample overnight charging through a dryer or RV 120/240V receptacle.

Gen 2 Applications

The gen 2 connector excels when:

  • Charging a 2021+ Model S/X or any Model 3/Y
  • Only need 120V trickle charging
  • Have 240V receptacles with a high 32A capacity
  • Need max charging speed from a 240V outlet
  • Plan to purchase multiple regional adapter plugs

It can leverage high-power outlets for faster charging times when needed.

Cost Savings

For Tesla owners buying a new mobile connector, there is a significant price difference:

  • Gen 1 – $200 when purchased from Tesla
  • Gen 2 – $400 when purchased from Tesla

The older Gen 1 saves a new Tesla buyer $200 compared to the Gen 2 unit.

However, the Gen 2 comes standard with new Teslas so most owners receive one for free.

Other Differences

Here are some other notable variations between the two generations:

  • The Gen 2 unit is smaller and easier to pack for travel and storage
  • Gen 2 features a user manual holder right on the device
  • Gen 1 has changeable fuses inside if needed
  • Gen 2 unit has superior thermal design and protections
  • Gen 2 features an integrated cord wrap for organization
  • Gen 1 has a detachable charge port section
  • The Gen 1 has a list of fault codes on its label to assist in troubleshooting
  • Gen 2 has an integrated cable holder on the bottom

Which Tesla Mobile Connector to Choose?

Which Tesla Mobile Connector to Choose
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So now to answer the key question: should you use the mobile connector generation 1 or 2?

Gen 1

The Gen 1 Tesla mobile connector generally works better for:

  • Original 2012-2020 Model S and Model X vehicles
  • Only need a 120V charging capacity
  • Using a typical dryer or RV 240V outlets
  • Cost savings for new buyers
  • Owning multiple Teslas with shared charging

It provides an affordable and reliable charging option for most homes and destinations.

Gen 2

The latest mobile connector gen 2 is ideal when:

  • Driving a 2021+ Model S/X or any Model 3/Y
  • Have high amperage 240V outlets available
  • Want maximum charging speed from 240V
  • Need compact size for travel and storage
  • Value safety features and robust design

It enables faster charging times plus portable convenience.

So in summary:

  • The Gen 1 connector best matches older Tesla models with ample overnight 120V/240V charging.
  • The Gen 2 connector unlocks the fastest possible Level 2 charging on high-power outlets.

Either Tesla mobile connector lets you charge at home and on the go. But the Gen 2’s increased capacity, safety, and flexibility make it the best choice for most owners.

To decide which connector type truly fits your charging needs:

  • Carefully assess your 240V outlet amp capacities
  • Determine average daily driving and charging time available
  • Consider which Tesla models you currently or will own

FAQs: Tesla Mobile Charger Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Still, deciding between the Tesla mobile connector gen 1 and gen 2? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is the Gen 2 backward compatible with the old Model S/X?

Yes, the Gen 2 mobile connector will charge older 2012-2020 Model S and Model X vehicles. However, these cars cannot take advantage of the Gen 2’s higher 32A charging capacity without retrofits.

Can Gen 1 charge the new Model S/X or Model 3/Y?

The mobile connector Gen 1 is only directly compatible with the original 2012-2020 Model S and Model X. The Gen 1 does not support the charging port on new 2021+ Teslas. An adapter would be needed, which Tesla does not recommend or support.

Which connector will charge my Tesla faster?

The Gen 2 connector can charge about 60% faster on a high-power 240V, 32A outlet. But Gen 1 will match Gen 2 speeds on standard 240V 16A household or RV outlets. With only 120V sockets, they will charge at the same slow rate.

So actual charging speed depends more on the available electrical supply rather than the connector capacity.

Is mobile connector power limited by the car or the outlet?

The power draw is first limited by the outlet’s capacity, and secondarily capped by the car’s onboard charger rating. All Tesla models can use their full onboard charger rate with either mobile connector on an appropriately high amperage circuit.

Can I use an aftermarket J1772 adapter with the connectors?

No, you should not adapt or modify the mobile connectors using any non-Tesla aftermarket products. The connectors are designed and safety tested specifically for Tesla models only. Attempting to alter or misuse them may result in damage or fire risk.

Tips for Usage and Care

To maximize the convenience, charging speed, and longevity of your Tesla mobile connector:

  • When possible, plug into 240V outlets instead of 120V for faster charging
  • Use the heaviest gauge extension cord available; never exceed 50 feet
  • Don’t leave unused wall connectors plugged in to avoid tripping hazards
  • When not using, disconnect the wall plug before the Tesla charge port
  • Ensure sockets have proper circuit capacity before connecting
  • Periodically inspect for cord damage or burnt plug terminals
  • Never attempt to charge a non-Tesla vehicle using adapters
  • Consider getting regional adapter plugs for travel needs
  • Never force connect a mismatched wall outlet or charge port
  • Store indoors to prevent weathering when not charging

Properly caring for your Tesla connector ensures it will deliver reliable charging performance for years.

Conclusion: Tesla Mobile Charger Gen 1 vs Gen 2

Both the Tesla mobile connector generation 1 and generation 2 provide indispensable charging versatility to drivers. They allow powering up overnight at home, during road trips, or whenever opportunity charging is needed.

The Gen 1 connector capabilities best match most pre-2021 Teslas charging on standard household 120V and 240V outlets. It is a proven workhorse charger that satisfies daily driving for just the cost of electricity.

But for new Tesla owners or vehicles, the Gen 2 unlocks substantially faster charging from high-capacity 240V receptacles. It also touts improved portability, streamlined hardware, and temperature-based charge safety.

Carefully considering your typical charging scenarios, outlet availability, Tesla model, and budget reveals the ideal choice between these two connector generations. Owning the mobile connector suited for your situation provides reliable and fast Tesla charging for less cost than Supercharging or third-party stations.

So both the Gen 1 and Gen 2 mobile connectors serve Tesla drivers remarkably well. Choose wisely based on your charging needs and electrical infrastructure access. Then enjoy affordable and convenient charging at home, around town, or on road trips for years to come!

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