Tesla Certified Installer Application The Complete Guide for Powerwall Installer

Tesla Certified Installer Application: The Complete Guide for Powerwall Installer 

Are you an electrician or solar installer interested in working with Tesla’s industry-leading energy products? This complete guide covers everything you need to know about the Tesla Certified Installer application program, including the application process, training, benefits, and more.

An Introduction to Tesla Energy

Tesla is most well known for their electric vehicles. However, the company also produces innovative energy products to help transition homes and businesses to sustainable power.

The Tesla Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery that stores solar energy and powers your home during an outage. Tesla’s sleek Solar Roof tiles allow you to generate renewable energy while maintaining the look of a traditional roof. The Tesla Wall Connector provides convenient, fast electric vehicle charging.

As demand grows for these products, Tesla needs a network of trained installers to facilitate sales and installation. That’s where the Certified Installer program comes in.

What is the Tesla Certified Installer Program?

The Tesla Certified Installer (TCI) program trains electrical contractors to safely install Tesla Energy products. Once certified, installers gain exclusive access to purchase and install the Powerwall, Solar Roof tiles, and Wall Connectors for customers.

Certified Installers receive:

  • Online training and installation resources
  • Access to Tesla Powerwall 2| Powerwalls for installation
  • Authorization to install Solar Roof|solar roof systems
  • Listing on Tesla’s website as a certified partner
  • Co-branding rights and Tesla Certified badges
  • Sales and technical support from Tesla

In return, Tesla Certified Installers commit to:

  • Completing Tesla product and safety training
  • Maintaining all licenses and credentials
  • Adhering to Tesla’s quality standards for each [[install]]
  • Providing exceptional customer service
  • Accurately representing Tesla products

The program aims to accelerate the global transition to sustainable energy by empowering qualified installers. As interest in Tesla’s products grows, this need is greater than ever.

Why Become a Tesla Certified Installer?

For solar and electrical contractors, certification unlocks huge benefits:

  • Increase revenue: Gain exclusive access to market and install Tesla’s industry-leading home energy products in your area
  • Position yourself as an expert: Certification establishes your business as a go-to resource for Tesla [[Powerwall]] and [[Solar Roof]] installation
  • Get leads from Tesla: Receive referrals from potential customers on Tesla’s website searching for installers
  • Access cutting-edge products: Work with innovative products helping to shape the future of renewable energy
  • Learn from the experts: Receive world-class training in safely installing Tesla technologies
  • Grow your business: Meet demand from the expanding Tesla owner customer base

Simply put, becoming a Certified Installer taps into the tremendous growth of Tesla’s energy division – allowing your business to flourish in the process.

Tesla Certified Installer Application 

If you’re interested in becoming a Tesla Certified Installer, I can help guide you through the application process! Here’s what you need to know:

1. Eligibility:

  • Qualifications: Possess relevant licenses and certifications for electrical work in your region.
  • Experience: Have at least two years of experience installing low-voltage electrical systems and one year installing high-voltage systems.
  • Insurance: Hold necessary insurance coverage for general liability and workers’ compensation.
  • Financial Stability: Demonstrate financial stability through adequate working capital and creditworthiness.

2. Application Process:

  • Initial Application: Fill out the Partner With Tesla form: https://www.tesla.com/support/certified-installers
  • Onboarding Application: After review, you’ll receive an email with instructions to complete the online onboarding application.
  • Documentation: This includes additional information about your business, licenses, insurance, and references.
  • Background Check: You’ll undergo a background check as part of the process.

3. Training and Certification:

  • Technical Training: Upon initial approval, you’ll attend online and/or in-person training on Tesla products and installation procedures.
  • Exams: Successfully pass written and practical exams to become certified.

Additional Resources:

  • Tesla Certified Installer Page: https://www.tesla.com/support/certified-installers
  • Contact your Tesla Account Manager: If you have questions or need help with the process, reach out to your Account Manager.

Tips for Success:

  • Highlight your experience and qualifications in your application.
  • Provide all required documentation promptly.
  • Study for the training and exams thoroughly.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and enthusiasm throughout the process.

Becoming a Tesla Certified Installer can be a rewarding opportunity to join a growing industry and install innovative energy solutions. By following these steps and preparing diligently, you can increase your chances of success.

Do you have any specific questions about the application process or becoming a Tesla Certified Installer? I’m happy to help in any way I can!

Tesla Certified Installer Requirements

To qualify for the program, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold all applicable electrical licenses for your service area
  • Carry general commercial liability insurance
  • Have 2-5 years of experience as a licensed contractor
  • Demonstrate proficiency in installing related electrical systems
  • Commit to Tesla’s quality and customer satisfaction standards
  • Complete Tesla’s training and certification exams
  • Have a reliable track record and be in good standing
  • Fill out the online application and agree to the terms

These requirements ensure Certified Installers have the credentials, experience, and values needed to properly represent Tesla’s products.

While not required, experience with solar or Powerwall 2|battery systems is highly recommended. Familiarity with permitting, interconnection applications, renewable energy, and construction best practices are also very helpful.

The Tesla Certified Installer Application Process

Ready to apply? Here is an overview of what to expect with the application and onboarding flow:

  1. Submit your application – Visit the Certified Installer application page on Tesla’s website. Fill out the required business, experience, and licensing details. This kicks off the review process.
  2. Application review – Tesla reviews profiles of promising candidates that meet the baseline criteria and align with program values. This may take 1-2 weeks.
  3. Schedule your training – If approved, coordinate your product and installation training with your Tesla representative. This includes virtual, self-paced courses and exams through Tesla’s learning portal.
  4. Complete new installer orientation – Participate in a video call introducing you to resources available through the Partner Portal, order process, operations standards, and best practices for success. Clarify any open questions.
  5. Place your first Powerwall order – Make your first Powerwall purchase to complete the onboarding checklist. This confirms your ability to transact smoothly.
  6. Start installing! – With certified status, advertising privileges, and gear in place, you’re ready to start selling and installing Tesla products for customers.
  7. Ongoing training and support – Continue accessing Tesla’s expanding training content, tools, and portal features as new offerings roll out. Leverage Tesla team insights along the way.

The streamlined process balances accessibility and selective criteria – maximizing success for qualified candidates committed to representing Tesla products.

Key Steps to Become a Successful Tesla Installer

Once accepted into the program, there are a few critical steps to ramp up efficiently:

  • Complete new product trainings – As new offerings emerge (like Solar Roof tiles), ensure your team is fully trained on latest releases as they become available.
  • Set up your online profile – Create a Certified Installer listing prominently displaying your licensure, achievements, service areas, and what makes your approach unique.
  • Invest in inventory – Keeping adequate Powerwall inventory on hand lets you readily meet customer demand as opportunities arise. Take advantage of flexible purchasing options.
  • Refine your sales skills – Get competent in explaining the benefits of energy storage and solar power to educate homeowners and drive excitement for Tesla products.
  • Focus on quality – Pay meticulous attention to workmanship, safety, inspection, documentation, and customer experience throughout every install
  • Leverage co-marketing materials – Cohesively promote your certified status across websites, vehicles, job sites, and all touchpoints. This amplifies credibility.

Closely adhering to Tesla’s guidelines and best practices is key – but so is crafting an independent brand presence. Find the optimal balance as you scale.

Answers to Common Tesla Installer Questions

Many prospective installers have additional questions about the logistics of getting involved. We’ll cover some of the most frequent ones:

Do I need construction experience?

While beneficial, it’s not explicitly required. More important is demonstrated competency in installing electrical systems, conduit, PV modules, and batteries – along with holding unexpired electrical licenses.

What products can I install?

Initially, certified installers can purchase and deploy Tesla Powerwall home battery systems. Over time, opportunities may expand to Solar Roof tiles, Wall Connector EV chargers, and customized solar+ storage solutions.

How much does Tesla’s product training cost?

Tesla provides free online installer training courses and exams. The time investment is the primary requirement. Travel may be needed for some advanced in-field training.

Can I service customers outside my home state?

Yes, Tesla leverages a network of Certified Installers operating regionally, nationally, and even internationally. Just be sure to comply with all licensing, permits, codes, and regulations applicable to each area.

Is any upfront payment required?

No application fees are needed – the main requirements are holding active credentials and allocating the time for sufficient training to pass knowledge assessments.


Becoming a Tesla Certified Installer allows qualified solar, electrical, and battery professionals to fully unleash income potential – while accelerating sustainability through proven products.

Leveraging exclusive access, co-branding, world-class training, and lead sharing unlocks game-changing advantages to excel in the booming renewable energy market.

Does participating in Tesla’s program align with your personal and professional objectives? Reach out today to take the next step!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What experience do I need to become a Tesla installer?

A: You need 2-5 years as a licensed electrical or solar contractor. Strong background in related electrical systems, PV modules, batteries, and construction best practices is recommended.

Q: How much does certification cost?

A: Tesla does not charge fees or require payments to become a Certified Installer. You simply complete the free online training courses and pass exams.

Q: What specific licenses and insurance are mandatory?

A: You must hold and provide all valid electrical licenses, permits, bonds, and a minimum $1 million general liability insurance policy. Requirements vary slightly by state and service region.

Q: Can one training work for both solar roofs and powerwalls?

A: While separate comprehensive training tracks are offered, some modules cover fundamentals common across Tesla’s product suite – so completion transfers. Always check with your representative about the latest bundling rules.

Q: Where do leads/customers come from as a certified installer?

A: Prominently listed on Tesla’s website, you gain referrals from homeowners and businesses in your geographic service area specifically seeking certified experts to purchase and install Tesla products.

5 Key Takeaways: Become a Tesla Certified Installer

  • Complete Tesla’s free, online installer certification program
  • Access exclusive perks: leads, discounts, technical support
  • Market in-demand Powerwall home batteries & solar roof tiles
  • Help accelerate the global transition to renewable energy
  • Unlock huge potential as interest in sustainability grows

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