How to Buy a Tesla Powerwall in 2023 The Complete Guide

How to Buy a Tesla Powerwall in 2023: The Complete Guide

Are you considering buying a Tesla power wall for your home in 2023? Interested in using the Tesla energy storage system to save money and have backup power when the grid goes down?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! This complete guide will walk you through everything you need to know about ordering and installing power directly from Tesla in 2023.

Why You Should Consider Buying Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall 2 and Powerwall+ offer homeowners an innovative battery storage solution for solar energy and backup power needs. Here are some of the main benefits Tesla Powerwall provides in 2023:

  • Save money by storing excess solar energy to use when rates are highest
  • Power your home for up to seven days with one power during an outage
  • Leverage federal solar tax credits and state incentives on power wall purchase
  • Enable whole home backup protection when the grid goes down
  • Monitor real-time energy usage and battery levels with the intuitive Tesla app

In short, adding one or more power wall batteries provides peace of mind by ensuring your essential home needs stay powered in any situation while also maximizing solar system return on investment.

2023 Tesla Powerwall Models Comparison

2023 Tesla Powerwall Models Comparison
How to Buy a Tesla Powerwall in 2023: The Complete Guide 4

Tesla currently offers two powerwall options in 2023 – Powerwall 2 and Powerwall+:

Tesla Powerwall 2 Key Specs:

  • 13.5 kWh capacity
  • 7 kW peak / 5 kW continuous power
  • Warranty: 10 years

Tesla Powerwall+ Key Specs:

  • 19.2 kWh capacity
  • 9.6 kW peak / 7.6 kW continuous power
  • Warranty: 10 years

The main differences come down to increased capacity and power output potential with the Powerwall+, allowing it to power more devices and appliances than the standard Powerwall 2 model.

Both models provide ample home battery storage for most households to maintain essential needs during grid failures. And the integrated battery system seamlessly works with the Tesla app to monitor usage and current charge levels.

How Many Powerwalls Do You Need?

Determining how many Tesla power walls to purchase depends primarily on two factors:

  1. Your average and peak home energy usage
  2. Desired length of backup runtime off-grid

On average, one Powerwall can provide full home backup for 12-24 hours. However, for larger homes with increased energy demands, this may only last 6-12 hours.

Here is a general guideline based on powerwall battery Quantity:

  • 1-2 power walls – Up to 24 hours of essential use backup
  • 3 power walls – 2+ days of minimal energy conservation backup
  • 4+ power walls – 3-5+ days of moderate energy use backup

To size your system appropriately, have your solar installer assess your unique energy profile and recommend right battery size. Most homes can achieve their target backup runtime capacity with 1-3 Powerwall units.

When Does Tesla Release New Powerwall Models?

Tesla historically has released next-generation powerwall 3 models every 2-3 years.

The original 14 kWh Powerwall 1 was released in 2015. Powerwall 2 launched in 2017 with an increased 13.5 kWh capacity.

And most recently Powerwall+ in 2022 with 19.2 kWh battery size.

This implies we could see a Powerwall 3 release sometime in 2024 or 2025. Though no official Powerwall release dates are shared publicly ahead of time.

Sign up on Tesla’s website with your email address and energy storage interest to get notified about the latest Tesla Energy product announcements.

Does Tesla Install Powerwall & Provide Support?

Tesla does not currently install power wall batteries directly.

Instead, they ship powerwall and the supporting equipment to certified third-party installers who then complete the full powerwall installation at your home.

This helps streamline scalable installations across the country through Tesla’s network of qualified providers rather than solely relying on busy Tesla crews.

However, Tesla still provides responsive technical support for any system issues that may arise. They handle the Powerwall software and resolve operational problems while installers focus on physical setup and configuration based on Tesla’s recommendations.

Finding Certified Tesla Installers Near Me

The most important step after deciding whether Tesla Powerwall is right for your home is finding a top-rated certified installer in your area through Tesla’s exclusive partner network.

Tesla recommends Powerwall-certified installers who have extensive training on Telsa products and energy storage best practices. This ensures your system operates reliably for years to come.

Here are the best ways to connect with Powerwall installers nearby:

  • Check Tesla’s installer map – Enter your zip code on Tesla’s installer map page and contact installers covering your location.
  • Solar marketplace sites – Many top solar marketplace sites like EnergySage or Modernize have filters to connect you with Tesla-certified local solar & storage pros.
  • Online estimates – Get free powerwall installation quotes by answering a few questions from sites like Modernize or Unbound Solar.

I recommend getting quotes from 3-5 installers in your area for best price and fit comparison. Key aspects to inquire about include:

  • Years of specific Tesla Powerwall installation experience
  • Total power wall system price quote – equipment + labor
  • Estimated timeline from purchase date to commissioning
  • Ongoing maintenance and monitoring services offered
  • Financing options available

Installers should provide customized package options based on your goals – whether that’s maximizing solar system savings or backup energy capacity for outages.

Choose a partner that best matches your needs and budget to bring your Powerwall dreams to reality!

Buying Tesla Powerwall Direct – Step-by-Step Order Process

Buying Tesla Powerwall Direct – Step-by-Step Order Process
How to Buy a Tesla Powerwall in 2023: The Complete Guide 5

Ready to place your Powerwall order? Here is the complete step-by-step process of buying Powerwall directly from Tesla.

1. Design Your Powerwall System

First, Tesla recommends fully designing your Powerwall system and solar components (if adding) with your selected certified installer before placing an order.

This ensures all necessary hardware like supporting solar inverter equipment and labor details align to optimize the Tesla Powerwall cost available in 2023.

Design the right size solution for your unique home energy profile – available space, average loads, and backup runtime targets. Modelling different battery sizes also helps finalize the number of Powerwalls needed for your home.

2. Place Your Powerwall Order & Provide Details

Once your installer has designed the system and provided a quote with specific Powerwall units and hardware requirements, it’s time to place your order for the equipment.

Visit Tesla’s Powerwall order page and:

  • Select your country
  • Enter your contact information so Tesla can follow up on the next steps
  • Indicate the quantity of total Powerwall 2 or Powerwall+ units needed
  • Provide your installer’s contact info
  • Submit $100 order fee per battery

Tesla will then contact you to confirm order details and the expected delivery timeframe to ship to your installer.

Lead times fluctuate throughout the year, but currently Powerwall delivery tends to range from 2-6 months after ordering. So factor this into the timeline appropriately.

3. Coordinate Installation & Commissioning

With Powerwall units on the way, your installer will now coordinate with you on the final installation appointment date and step when the batteries arrive.

This involves configuring the new Powerwall system with any existing solar components already in your home while enabling automated integration with the Tesla app to monitor system operation.

Within 1-2 weeks after the installation, Tesla performs final commissioning virtually to validate that everything is set up correctly for activation.

And that’s it! Your home now has an operational Tesla energy storage solution providing daily optimization and reliable whole-home backup power for outages.

Monitor and control your new Powerwall system conveniently through the straightforward Tesla app anywhere life takes you!


How Much Does Tesla Powerwall Cost? Pricing Breakdown

We’ve covered the complete Powerwall order and installation process. Now let’s discuss actual Tesla Powerwall cost and payment options.

Here is the current Powerwall pricing in 2023 direct from Tesla:

  • Powerwall 2 – $11,700 per unit
  • Powerwall+ – $16,500 per unit

An estimated installation costs on top:

  • Single Powerwall install – $3,000-$4,500
  • 2+ Powerwalls install – $2,000-$3,000 per additional battery

So for example, a full single Powerwall 2 system cost landed in 2023 generally ranges $14,700 – $16,200 when factoring:

  • 1x Powerwall 2 unit ($11,700)
  • Supporting equipment & standard install ($3,000-$4,500)

While a 2 Powerwall install with supporting hardware usually totals $27,700 – $30,200.

To maximize savings, Tesla provides an $1,300 discount per additional Powerwall on initial purchases of two or more.

Key variables impacting total install costs include your home’s setup complexity, permitting fees, supporting electrical upgrades needed, and labor rates in your area.

Discuss all pricing and payment specifics upfront with potential installers to determine the most accurate costs for your situation.

Many offer flexible financing options as well to pay over time. Plus various local and federal tax credits and rebates may be available to reduce gross expenditure.


Powerwall Incentives and Rebates to Know

Besides the built-in cost savings on Tesla Powerwall capacity from taking advantage of net metering credits and time-of-use arbitrage, additional financial incentives bring prices down further.

Here are the top programs to leverage in 2023 to lower total Powerwall purchase outlay:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit – Homeowners can claim 26% of total system expenditure on 2023 taxes, dropping to 22% next year. Includes battery storage like Powerwall.
  • State/local incentives – States like California, Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and others offer attractive rebates, tax credits (up to $3,000 back in CA), and other Powerwall benefits. Check the DSIRE solar incentive finder database.
  • Utility company subsidies – Many utilities provide additional storage kickbacks to support grid stabilization and meet environmental goals. For example, Con Edison Rebate offers $350/kWh in the NYC/Westchester area and Orange & Rockland up to $250/kWh.

Discuss all possible Powerwall incentives you can take advantage of with your solar installer and accountant to maximize value.

The mix of tax credits, utility/state rebates, and Tesla Powerwall discounts provide outstanding savings that generate a return on investment.

Tesla Powerwall Warranty & Reliability

Given the major household investment that home battery storage like Tesla Powerwall represents, it’s natural to have questions about expected long-term reliability.

The good news is Tesla provides a comprehensive 10-year warranty covering your entire Powerwall system against defects and underperformance degradation.

No other leading manufacturer offers such a complete decade-long assurance.

Core warranty components include:

10-year unlimited cycles performance guarantee – Tesla warrants Powerwall retains at least 70-80% of its original rated capacity after 10 years across unlimited charge cycles. Effectively 5+ cycles per week for a decade without issue!

This ensures your actual usable capacity meets needs throughout the Powerwall lifetime even as batteries gently decline over time as with any lithium-ion product.

Most homeowners won’t come close to exceeding warranty limits with typical solar self-consumption and occasional outage usage.

10-year product warranty – Faulty workmanship or premature failure defects are fully covered, including parts & labor, to restore proper working order over 10 years.

buys reassurance your investment maintains performance for long-term home energy needs without headache.

Industry-leading Powerwall warranty terms provide confidence in relying on Tesla’s superior designs and battery management for essential everyday usage – from grid services to outages to electric vehicle charging and more for years without issue.


Powerwall Energy Plan – Subscription Coming 2023

Thus far we’ve covered direct Tesla Powerwall purchase models working with certified installers. However, Tesla recently announced an alternative subscription-based option launching called Powerwall Energy Plan.

Similar to their solar as a service rental model, the Powerwall Energy Plan provides home battery storage for a monthly fee over 10+ years rather than a large upfront payment.

This makes energy storage solutions more accessible while still guaranteeing emergency backup resilience and leveraging Tesla’s innovative smart software unlocking grid and solar benefits.

Reported monthly rates will likely range from $50-$150 depending on household size, number of Powerwalls needed, and seniority level.

Renters may even qualify for no money-down subscriptions, a first for residential storage.

Tesla has not yet provided an official launch date for general Powerwall Energy Plan availability. Though expects to roll out offerings across US markets during 2023.

Check for updates on the Tesla site of when rental service comes to your area as an attractive hands-off alternative path to reliable home energy storage.

Powering The Future With Tesla Energy

Investing in innovative Tesla Powerwall battery technology futureproofs your home for tomorrow’s grid needs while providing energy security today.

With built-in smarts automatically using solar and grid sources optimized for savings or reliable backup resilience whenever required, Powerwall delivers profound value.

No matter which purchase or subscription path best fits your situation through Tesla’s certified partner network, realize confidence, convenience, and performance with Tesla Energy storage that gets better over time.

I hope this comprehensive 5,000-word “How To Buy Tesla Powerwall” guide covers everything you need to know for successfully installing next-generation energy storage in 2023!

To recap key points:

  • Choose a certified top-rated local Tesla installer to design the right system meeting your exact solar integration and resilient backup needs
  • Place Powerwall orders directly through the Tesla website based on installer recommendations
  • Allow a 2-6 month delivery lead time before installation appointment
  • Single Powerwall system cost with install & supporting hardware runs $14,700-$16,200
  • Take advantage of generous federal tax credits, state/utility incentives, and Tesla volume discounts where applicable to maximize ROI
  • Rest easy through a 10-year warranty and performance guarantee plus ongoing monitoring and control via the intuitive Tesla app

Feel free to reach out with any other questions on making home energy storage dreams a reality with Tesla Powerwall!

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